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Powerful SEO tools we all own

July 31st, 2009

Seo toolkit?

Seo toolkit?

If you are trying your hand at internet marketing and search engine optimization, you might be searching for the right tools for the job.  In saying tools we mean, sofware that can automate tedious tasks, tools that simplify analysis and pure training tools that can teach us the techniques that successfull internet marketeers use.

Well, here is some news: you are one of these tools. No matter how many programs and “ultimate toolbox packages” you buy, the foundation for your whole project lies within yourself. You have all the ingredients for juicy success.

You should make a plan. It may be impossible to visualize where you will or should be going if you are new in the game, but changing direction is ok as long as there is a driving force and ambition behind the twists. As long as you are moving forward, it is ok to change methods, techniques and even markets. if the plan is honest it will withstand twists and turns.

You must have a goal. Unless you set goals, whatever you do will just go back and forth and will be a waste of time. If you do not set goals you might as well not do the work and go to the beach instead. There are several types of goals, short term and longterm. A longterm goal may be “I will be making enough from this in 12 months to quit my job.” This goal should be divided into segments, each with their own goal targets such as “This week I will dedicate 1 hr a day to building backlinks.”